Crafting Potpourri

Happy May, Crocheters!! I hope you’re all eager to dive into the next square because I can’t wait to share it with you all! This beauty brings the garden inside. Introducing the Flower Trellis Square designed by Crafting Potpourri!

Let’s learn a little more about the square and the designer behind it!

Susan Hokanson always delights fans with her beautiful projects and charm. She’s one of my favorite people to be around with her upbeat outlook and charm–both of which shine in this week’s block!

You can find her all around the internet!



A few words from Susan!

I started a facebook page just because I love to share the crafts I do.  I chose the name Crafting Potpourri because I really loved the word “Hodgepodge” but it has been taken!  So Potpourri kind of gave the same message:  a mixture of the crafts I love or have tried.

Thoughts about her newest pattern, Flower Trellis Square!

For some reason, I really like making treble crochets and this square was fun to make with some interesting stitches.

I decided to make a multi-color square that I really liked, but I couldn’t carry the yarn with these stitches so there was a lot of fastening off and weaving of ends.

Important details about this block from the designer:

Skill Level:  Intermediate


  • H hook
  • 2 colors Worsted weight yarn (I used RHSS).  The last round of the edge will be completed in color used to join the squares.

Special stitch instructions:  A tc3tog is a way to decrease.  To complete a tc3tog: *yo twice, insert hook into next st, yo, pull up a loop, (yo, draw through 2 loops) twice, repeat from * two more times, yo, draw through all loops on hook.

I hope you enjoy tackling this week’s block and you’re looking forward to next week’s exclusive design from Divine Debris!

2016 Afghan Sampler Crochet Along with Crafting Potpourri!
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