It’s been a while!! Where have I been? Right here! Kinda…

Stinky Socks ::
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For the past few months I’ve been trying to climb my way out of the enormous amount of school work my kids have generated since hitting the books in late August. Since we’re a homeschooling family, that means we’ve had quite a bit of an adjustment trying to get into a routine and I think we’ve finally hit our stride!

As if navigating all of the new subjects and schedules weren’t hard enough, EVERYONE in my house has been suffering from some degree of sickness or another. I’m afraid that this fall has gone on the record for the worst in the yucky germ category!

But the past few months haven’t been all terrible. I’ve been able to use the downtime to catch up on some of my favorite programming (like Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, and the last season of Once Upon a Time which just hit Netflix not too long ago!).

I’ve also has some fun with several HodgePodge Crochet gift exchanges! It’s always a thrill to get paired with someone, spend a few months stalking them, and then packing up the perfect thing and sending it off to await their reaction.

Some of my favorites that I’ve made and sent out include a gorgeous Tunisian graph Sherlock pillow. I’m still kinda amazed that this even turned out at all since it was my first, ever, Tunisian graphed pattern that I’ve ever actually finished. I used a graph I found for free online, edited it to just the section I wanted to use for the pillow, and then sat down and got busy with the hard part….the crochet! This project is not for the faint of heart. (I still have nightmares over all of the tails!!!!) Still, it was totally worth it and it went to someone amazing who loves Sherlock even more than I do!

Sherlock ::

For that same exchange I also hand crafted a River Song journal complete with hand-dyed paper! This took me considerably less time than the pillow but was just as involved.
River Song Journal ::

As a matter of fact, when I finished making it, I decided to make a second just for me!

River Song Journal ::

Along with all the exchange fun I’ve also been planning something BIG for the blog that is set to happen next year!! I’m super excited about it and hope that you guys will be just as excited to learn all about it! Make sure you’re subscribed so that you don’t miss out on the upcoming fun and hit me with a comment below to tell me what you’ve been busy with now that the seasons are changing! I love hearing from you guys. 🙂 (Comments are moderated and will be approved asap!)



We’ve Got Some Catching Up To Do!
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2 thoughts on “We’ve Got Some Catching Up To Do!

  • November 6, 2015 at 2:30 am

    Love the journal. Do you have pattern (for lack of a better word) for it? I would love to make one myself.

    • Profile photo of Tanya Naser
      December 3, 2015 at 1:09 am

      Thanks so much!! I didn’t really use a pattern for it. I kinda put it together using a few different book binding tutorials in YouTube and my imagination! It’s put together with a lot of PVA glue, some recycled cardboard, and 40 sheets of tea stained computer paper. 🙂


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