My friend Angela over at Crafty Ridge has just blogged about a project she’s been working on…and it’s AMAZING.

Not amazing like, “Yeah, that’s kinda cool.” I’m talking amazing like, “Holy Smokes, Batman. I need that in my life RIGHT NOW!”

If you are any sort of Harry Potter fan, get ready to be amazed!!

Crafty Ridge Harry Potter Pillow Pattern Freebie
Crafty Ridge Harry Potter Pillow Pattern Freebie











I told you!! Aren’t these pillows AMAZING?!?!?! If you want to learn how to make your own, head on over to Crafty Ridge to find the free pattern as well as a YouTube tutorial on how to make the color changes!

Don’t forget to leave her a comment and let her know how much you loved it! <3 And if you make one I’m sure she’d love to see it over on her facebook page!!

Crafty Ridge and Magic!
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