Lately I’ve been having a ball with other crafty projects like clay, paper mache, painting, and book making. (Not to mention countless other things I’ve yet to blog about!!) But recently, I put all things crafty on hold while the family took a trip to the beach. Little did I know that I’d stumble into something totally unexpected!

How to Crochet Wire ::

Under all that lovely warm water were thousands of small stones and the most gorgeous sea glass I’ve ever seen. They were all over the sand everywhere I looked! Crochet Wire Wrapped Jewelry

While we were all enjoying our time swimming, soaking up the sun, and playing in the sand, I managed to pluck a few handfuls of the beautiful beach litter to take back to the hotel room. When I’d cleaned off all the sand I found that they were even more beautiful on the table than they were on the beach!

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them and when we got back home from the beach, the first thing I did was grab my jewelry pliers and the jewelry wire I’d used with my Harry Potter Potion Bottles and got comfy with YouTube!

I watched a few tutorials before deciding that I liked one in particular and before I knew it, I’d created this: Crochet Wire Wrapped Jewelry

By the way, if you’re interested in wrapping a stone the same way, you can find out how to do it right here:

I fell in love with the simple design and the spectacular end result but I really wanted to do something that represented who I am and what I’m all about–and by now you guys pretty much realize that means CROCHET!!! So I dug out my smallest hook and started fooling with the wire. What resulted from that experiment completely amazed me!

How to Crochet Wire ::

I realized fairly quickly that crocheting wire was simpler than I could have ever imagined. The crochet mount was sturdy and created the ideal frame for showing off the natural beauty of the stones and glass rocks. I love that it is also a literal interpretation of my craft that I could wear in a way that wasn’t a hat or socks! (After all, who can say no to jewelry?!?)

After sharing on my facebook page I decided a blog tutorial was necessary and so here we are now. This is how to take your own stones and turn them into beautiful crochet jewelry!

Materials you’ll need: Crochet Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Beading Wire. I bought these at a great price from WalMart. It comes in 40 ft / 12.2 m spools and is .45 mm. Each spool is enough to cover about 2 pendants or 1 pendant and a pair of small earrings.

*** Crochet Wire Wrapped Jewelry

SMALL Crochet Hook. I used a thread hook for this project and I recommend using one that is covered with something because crocheting wire can be really tough on the hands!

*** Crochet Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Jewelry Tools. You will need tools that can cut and bend wire. An all in one tool will work here as well.

*** Crochet Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Jewelry Findings.

*** Crochet Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Sea glass or smooth stones.


The Process: Crochet Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Step One: Begin with a magic ring, ch 1

Step Two: sc around using your stone to check if you have enough sts around. Note: you can always pull your ring tighter if you have too many but try to keep as much of the stone exposed as possible without adding in too many sc so that the end result is a snug mount.

Step Three: sc in 1st sc, sc in each st around.

Step Four and Five: sc in each st around. When you finish with step five you should have 4 rounds of sc. Obviously if your stone or glass is smaller or larger you’ll have to decrease or increase that amount of rounds you have to get the right fit! Crochet Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Step Five: Insert your stone and push the wire around it so it’s snug. Crochet Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Step Six: Using your wire cutter, snip the wire giving yourself a tail to weave the back closed.

Step Seven: Using a whip-stitch, weave the wire around the sc sts, pulling the wire tightly after each wrap to close. Crochet Wire Wrapped Jewelry Crochet Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Step Eight: Pull your magic ring snug if needed and weave the wire into your work. Snip any excess wire. Crochet Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Step Nine: Add your findings, string a chain, and enjoy your work! Crochet Wire Wrapped Jewelry

The process is the same if you want to make earrings as well! Have fun practicing and if you enjoyed this why not drop a comment, leave a like, or come on over to HodgePodge Crochet on facebook to leave a comment there! Crochet Wire Wrapped Jewelry

How To Crochet With Wire
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