Recently, HodgePodge Crochet hosted its first ever Shrug Showdown! Six designers stepped forward to take on the challenge of re-imagining a knit shrug design into a crochet version and what was produced was nothing short of amazing. Shrug Showdown 2014

I’m proud to announce WL Creations as the overall WINNER of the first ever HodgePodge Shrug Showdown contest!!! (Which was held over in the HodgePodge Crochet fb Community in case you were wondering.)

Her winning design was HANDS DOWN the crowd favorite and she pretty much blew away the competition with her jaw-droppingly beautiful shrug. I love everything about this one!! Shrug Showdown 2014

If you’d like to snag a copy of her Victoriana Shrug, so you can be dressed in your best for any future New Years Eve parties!!, head on over to her Ravelry today and you can be wrapped in gorgeous by the end of the week! Shrug Showdown 2014


Winner of the Best Use of Crochet Stitches category went to ShopKimberlie! Her gorgeous design was further highlighted by her delicious yarn choice making her shrug the hands-down favorite! Shrug Showdown 2014

You can find the Showstopper Shrug over in the ShopKimberlie Ravelry shop!


This gorgeous shrug was created by Lacey Lady of Misty Makes. This pattern is not yet available. Shrug Showdown 2014


Scarlett’s Shrug was created by Jacqualyn Walker of The Crafty Geekette. You can find your copy over in The Crafty Geekette Ravelry shop. Shrug Showdown 2014


The Simply Shrug was created Addie Roberts of Simply Smurphy’s. You can find your copy over in the Simply Smurphy’s Etsy shop. Shrug Showdown 2014


The DonnyBrook Shrug was created by yours truly of HodgePodge Crochet. You can find your copy over in the HodgePodge Crochet Craftsy shop. The DonnyBrook Shrug




HodgePodge Shrug Showdown~2014!

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